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ts_stills's Journal

The Sentinel Icon Challenge
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ts_stills is a weekly (non-animated) icon contest community for the TV show The Sentinel and all of its characters. Each week a series of images will be posted for one episode of the series. Members will have one week (5 days) to make an icon using the images posted (exact rules below). At the end of the week voting will begin, top three images will be awarded banners as well as one icon for Mod's choice. All entries will be done through comments, so only I will have posting access.

The Rules
1. Your submissions cannot be animated (we want a level playing field), and they must fit LJ's icon standards:
     - 100x100 or smaller
     - 40kb or smaller
     - gif, jpg, and png formats only
2. You must be a member of the community to enter.
3. All entries are submited through screened comments for anonymous voting, so do not post or use your icon anywhere until the contest is over.
4. You can only use the images given to you. No blending of images (unless otherwise stated). Brushes, borders, text, color, etc., are allowed.
5. Your entry must be original.
     - You are not allowed to use a base that someone else has cropped.
     - You are not allowed to use an icon that you've made previous to the challenge.
6. You may submit up to three icons per challenge, exact number allowed will be posted for each challenge.
7. Once a contest is over icons are free to be posted and shared on other communities (hopefully they'll wander over to ts_iconart).

Please Note: This community is NOT for sharing icons. DO NOT take any of the icons, posted for voting, and use them WITHOUT permission. That's not what this community is for. A lot of the entries have already been posted at ts_iconart and I'm sure they will continue to. Please go there for icon use. Thanks. ^__^

1. At the beginning of each contest there will be a post with the images to use, it is that post that you will be submitting your entries by screened comments. (no one will see the icons but me before voting)
2. You will need an image host, such as Photobucket, that allows remote linking. Geocities, Angelfire and Tripod won't work. (if I can't see the icon it will not be submited to voting)
3. When responding with your submission, please include the img src and url versions like this:


Challenge Timeline (all in PST)
Monday (morning): New Challenge Posted
Friday (midnight): Challenge Ends (as long as I get them before I wake on Saturday, I'll allow them.)
Saturday (morning): Voting begins
Sunday (8pm): Voting ends; Winners posted

1. You don't have to be a member of the community to vote, however anonymous votes will not be counted.
2. Do not vote for yourself or your icon will be disqualified.
3. Do not ask other people to vote for you. What's the point of having a contest if you cheat?
4. All votes will be screened.
5. One mod's choice icon will be chosen each week, unless icon turn out is low.

Award Calculations
Vote in first section: 5pts
Vote in second section: 3pts
Vote in third section: 1pt

Points will be totaled and the icon with the most points will be award 1st, the icon with the second most number of points will be award second and so on. Thanks to joymaro for being a doll and making me an Excel sheet for the calculations. xD

Challenges So Far
1. The Switchman
2. Three Point Shot
3. Reunion
4. Sentinel Too pt.1
5. Night Train
6. Fool Me Twice
7. Hear No Evil
8. Vow of Silence
9. Black & White
10. Iceman
11. The Killers
12. Spare Parts
13. Private Eyes
14. Mirror Image
15. His Brother's Keeper
16. Cypher
17. The Rig
18. Attraction
19. Rogue
20. Flight
21. Warriors
22. Remembrance
23. True Crime
24. Secrets
25. Survival
26. *free choice*
27. The Waiting Room
28. The Debt
29. The Siege
30. Love and Guns
31. Inside Man
32. Breaking Ground
33. Red Dust
34. Foreign Exchange
35. The Girl Next Door
36. Dead Certain
37. Night Shift
38. Poachers
39. Love Kills
40. Red Ice
41. Blind Man's Bluff
42. Jim - Blair
43. Second Chance
44. Storm Warning (entry submissions end Sept. 22nd)

Any questions or concerns can be addressed through my email.

Oh, and one more thing... HAVE FUN!